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One of the Most Convincing Hoaxes Out There has Ever Posted

Originally, your Out There editor wrote: "At first, this appears to be a flock of birds, but it isn't a flock of birds. First, each object is independently lit by a light powerful enough to produce significant illumination in a sunlit sky. Second, there are no wing flapping motions. However, the objects do appear to be gliding on thermals, or they are being maneuvered to present this appearance. These are genuine unknowns, and very strange ones."

Unfortunately, I fell for a hoax video. I look at dozens of videos every day, always hoping to see something I genuinely can't explain. What I can't explain here is why I bought into this obvious hoax. Normally, I'm careful and quite successful at this. I seriously considered resigning after this, but Whitley Strieber wants me to stay. He said, 'I can't do this myself, and you're better than you think.' I'm going to continue what has become a profound and very engaging task for me, sifting through the chaff to find the occasional nugget of gold.

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Someone mentioned at the YouTube site that this could be 'synchronized kite flying'. I've never seen such, so I don't know if that's realistic.

Otherwise, as an avid hawk watcher, the behavoir of these objects looks a lot like hawks migrating in kettles as they catch thermals on the sides of hills and mountains. However, in the extreme close-up they don't look bird-like but more mechanical.

The other thought I had is whether this could be a new form of surveillance drone technology, but why it would be given a trial run in open daylight in Mexico is a mysterty. What do others think?

I think that near the end of last year we began squeezing into a new reality, and that even UFOs have a different look and feel than they had in the past. I also feel that not everyone has noticed the subtle shifts that seem to be happening almost daily. I have, and while it is a bit unnerving, it is forcing me to re-calibrate and see reality in a different way.

This may not mean much to most of you, but an example is something that I read in our local newspaper today about the current legislative session here in Texas raised my eyebrows this morning. It seems that Texas legislators have filed 33 percent fewer bills in this session so far. The reason, and I quote, " Some lawmakers say privately they are declining to file bills requested by lobbyists and special interest groups, a change from the past."

Say what? :-)

That's what I am talking about. And I am seeing these little shifts all over the place in the news, science, government, and even where I work.

Or maybe I am the only one experiencing in a different world than I did in the past...?

What do others think? I would love to know...

I agree, but the 70'ties, 80'ties, 90'ties, the 00's were all different from each other and from now, so I fear that we are just trying to recover from the '08 crash. Empires have come and gone, and history repeats itself. I just try to get wiser and stay out of trouble (economically, climatic and what I can think of) and donate a little money to the people who try to make this a bettar world. The facts of this world are rather bad so I hope the positive changes (like You mention) take hold. I fear we are headed for a "Blade runner" planet where we loose Our history because we are trashing this planet and the media corporations are feeding us what is happening. Do that for 2 centuries and we are the ones running around in the Blade runner city.

Frek, I do not mean to imply that all of the shifts occurring are necessarily positive, just that things feel different; some good, some not so much. And, hey, over here the old gun debate never seems to get old. :-)

Also, more and more truth about people and events are coming to the surface, as well as the connections. Stay 'tuned'.

Our experience is changing. Several people in my personal life have expressed very unusual happenings, signs of waking up, from spontaneous past-life memories to actions that have been quite different from their previous personality. More and more I hear and read of items that lead me to think that some of our leaders are waking also. A news story told that a scientist has declared that his research shall be open and free to all for the benefit of humanity! The theories of multiple universes say that all exists and each choice becomes a new bubble universe. Several times in the last year or so I have sensed that I have entered a different world, suddenly as I stop and look around myself I know something is fundamentally changed. I couldn't pinpoint the exact change. Everything about me seemed the same and yet very different so either the change was quite small or quite large, as in a world event that changed things on a national or worldly scale but may not have changed much on my own pesonal level. strange, what?
I embarrassed myself by announcing at work the anniversary of the passing of Queen Elizabeth! Yet, I can 'remember' seeing it on television 2 years ago! A few other similar things like that have happened to me also. There is something new coming.

I have had several odd experiences in the last few weeks, but the most disconcerting one was last week. Last Thursday night, I dreamed that I was in Turkey with my sister, just being tourists. I remember where we stayed, shopping in a store there, and also stumbling on to terrorist attack being planned. We got fearful, and also realized that the people planning this attack were on to the fact that we knew their plans. I decided to hide my sister to keep her safe as I attempted to contact authorities and warn them about what was coming. That was it.

Friday morning I told my friend all about the dream, as it was so vivid. I also mentioned to him that Turkey had never been on my list as a place to visit and had never appealed to me.

You can imagine how I felt when I opened up my newspaper Saturday morning and saw not one, but two stories involving Turkey. Of course, one of them was the attack on the U.S. Embassy. The other was about a missing American woman whose body had been found in Turkey (She was supposedly a tourist traveling alone). She was the victim of murder. The two incidents were in different cities in Turkey, and somehow I had picked up on both of them in my dream. I had not been able to save my 'sister' and protect her from harm, and I also apparently could not stop the attack on the American embassy.

Here's the really odd thing---I can't prove it, but I feel that the American woman is somehow connected to the bombing at the American Embassy.

would be interesting if it was the same guy. Scientists have proved we can tell the future so the reality I experience is not what's really out there.

I believed in the Jerusalem 2011 UFO heh. There is no way to tell really:
so I appreciate any screening done, because the amount of videos is too enormous to sift through every evening.

to Cosmic- it might be interesting to track the story for connections- let us know what turns up, please.

I'm glad this video stayed up---real, hoax, whatever. It is a reminder that things are not what they seem, and in my case it had an affect on me on another level. Even a hoax can have an effect on consciousness. All mistakes are learning opportunities. My dream is not a hoax---I saw it, felt it, and experienced it at before the actual events occurred.

To the 'Out There' editor---thanks for forgiving yourself and for having enough of a sense of humor to change the heading to 'One of the Most Convincing Hoaxes Out There has Ever Posted'. :-) 'Out There' is where you put yourself, and that always takes guts. Don't ever change.

To me a "hoax" implies CGI, or a deliberate optical trick like double exposure or shooting through glass with a light behind you.

A lot of these videos end up with interesting shapes simply from the optics and imaging electronics of the camera, and if these are birds then I think that's what's going on here. Doesn't mean anybody in the chain, including the original poster, wasn't genuinely puzzled by what showed up on the video.

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