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One Mars photo that was not explained. This is no video dropout.

This photo was taken by one of the Mars rovers. It was immediately debunked as a trick of light and Badastronomy.com explained that this was obvious in the stereo image. However, the stereo image, which we looked at, only confirmed that the object was an anomaly of the first order. The rover took no more photos of the object, or, if it did, they have not been released. If this is not a person in a heat-absorbing suit leaping to cover, then it must be a statue. It is not a trick of light, a video inclusion or anything other than what it appears to be. Graded A.

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So why is this one being rolling out again? It is nearly three and a half years old - and why didn't the story contain a link so Unknowncountry fans can have a good look for themselves at the stereo image?

Anyway, a quick search turned up the following from Jan 08, which has a red / blue stereo image of the object...


...and I also noted the following interesting comment...

"The zoomed-in view of the image on the Internet also makes it very difficult to see that Bigfoot is really not very big. There's a neat tool that another rover fan, "Algorimancer," has written that allows you to use the rovers' binocular vision to estimate the distance to and size of objects visible in their images. Using AlgorimancerPG, you can determine that our little "Bigfoot" is actually less than five meters from the rover, so can be no more than about 6 centimeters tall."

Does this cast doubt on the Grade A rating? Maybe.

You made my day!

I looked for software like AlgorimancerPG quite some time ago, and then never did again.

I had read of the object's size estimate previously (quite some time ago), saying basically "it's small", but no good estimate like this.

There is something new here - to me anyway. I'm kinda glad the image was rolled out again and you made your post!

Thanks Sherbet UFO !

Searching and following links to other sites, from the link you provided, I found some interesting things.

For anyone interested in the results of my brief search, continue on!

* Article "Teeny little Bigfoot on Mars"
(Posted above, also here for completeness.)
Scroll about half way down the page and you will find a set of left and right perspectives.
Fortunately, on the second row of four images, the two right-most images are left and right images.

Use Ctrl-+, or however you zoom your browser window, to get a comfortably larger view of the two right-most images.

Slightly cross your eyes making the two images over-lap (it may take a moment to focus and get a steady image).
Doing this you can get a look at the image in 3d.

What I noticed for the first time, doing this, is that there seems to be something jutting out of what would be the "hip" area - if this is/were a humanoid shaped object.

What is that?

Once I saw this, and looked at the images again without my eyes crossed, I realized a dark area just to the left of the "hip" area (in the left image) was not in the background, but rather part of the object!
In the right image, there is more of a distinct line on the "thigh". This too is part of the this "thing" sticking out of the "hip" area.
I'm also fairly certain the image at the top of this article is the same view as this left image, it doesn't show the line on the "thigh" that the right image does - and it also has that dark spot to the left of the "hip" that is actually part of the object, not the background.
Or I could be wrong. :-)

I don't want to influence what anyone sees in this image any more than that for right now.
I'll check back soon and see if any one has any ideas about his.

In the meantime, I will be studying this a bit more!

* The software:
AlgorimancerPG Photogrammetry and RangeFinder Application

* The original large image (mono scopic)
(This really is quite a beautiful view of the martian landscape.)
12756 x 3487 pixels (width x height)
(5.856 MB)
Source page: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10214


This looks to me like the bronze statue of "The Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen Harbor. Hardly Bigfoot. Since when does scale mean anything?

Grade A? No more than 5 meters from the rover and 6cm tall? I remember isolating that area before and filtering it out of the original image. ahhh, oh well.

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