Out There

One of the Great Bermuda Triangle Stories

This story is a powerful reminder of just how strange things can get in the skies of Planet Earth.

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Thanks for this...It explains some things for me and how I saw the passengers of flight 370 trapped in a gray room on the morning of March 8th. I am also doing some further research on my own about the area where Maylaysian flight 370 'disappeared', and I feel it is tied to electro-magnetic energy.

I find it interesting that the pilot was going to Miami and that's where he came out of the black hole. imo, the pilot made it in/out/thru the portal (without taking any detours) because he was fixated on his goal and did not panic. The portal sensed where he was heading and his intent became the goal of the portal. It would be interesting to hear the perspective of the other people on board the plane. How do their stories sync w/his?

I agree w/CL that some kind of electro-magnetic event may have occurred. My feeling is that it was partly human induced, perhaps an experiment to use an EMP weapon to target specific systems (rather than just bring the whole plane to a complete stop precipitating a crash). Perhaps they were also experimenting w/rewriting software programs remotely. However, a bigger event occurred (such as a portal opening around the plane) either naturally or as an unintended consequence of the repeated EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) blasts, possibly leaving the door open to several different outcomes occurring simultaneously. Probably, we will never know, but if I was missing a loved one, I would hold that person dear to my heart in the hope that they may show up one day -- regardless of the face I might show the world.


You and I are on exactly the same page. I feel that the plane was initially taken over remotely but that something highly unexpected and strange occurred. The really big secret is that officials realize that this was a high strangeness event, and that they are grasping at straws with no clear-cut explanation of what happened to the airliner and people on board. I feel for everyone; friends, family, and the victims themselves, as well as the people directly involved in the search. Based on what I 'saw', the people on that plane were terrified as the weirdness unfolded.

I am focusing on plate tectonics and earthquake and solar activity, and just need more time to research and see what was 'going on' that day. Geologically, that part of the world is constantly rocking and rolling.

Whatever really happened, this was game-changer 'new reality' event that will affect human consciousness for a while to come. Stay tuned...

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