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OK, it's not a UFO, but WOW is this WEIRD

US Luger Kate Hansen taped a wolf wandering the hall of her hotel in Sochi. It could be a pet, but it is definitely a wolf, not a dog. There will be spin, however, and the wolf is likely to be recast as a nice old dog. No matter, it sure looks like a nice old wolf. Hopefully nice, anyway. (Are lugers edible, your Out There editor wonders.)

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I think that's at least part dog, perhaps husky. Could be a wolf/dog interbreeding (certain breeds like huskies are very closely related still to wolves.)

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about the severe stray / wild dog problem in that area, and efforts of people (including some athletes) to save them from being rounded up and killed, something that was going on there in preparation for the winter games.

Could be worse... in Korea they sometimes purposely torture, kill, and eat dogs, where supposedly they taste better when they die under stress. And yet we still have a rabid appetite for Korean products like Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, and LG. The Japanese ruthlessly hunt whales and we buy Toyotas, etc. Not that our hands are so clean in the U.S., but if we really cared about these things we could exert a lot more influence economically than we apparently choose to do.

EXCELLENT points, BobInNJ! Although only tangentially related to the article, in this frighteningly Greed-Driven Capitalist world economy, MONEY IS the thing that most people will pay attention to, and our acceptance or rejection of evil practices is often dictated by whether we "buy into" it - literally speaking.
You CAN vote with your money! If whaling, dolphin slaughter, dog/animal torture, slavery, etc. bother you, Don't Patronize Those Who Practice It.

The canine shown isn't a wolf, it's just an ordinary Husky, and not a particularly big or well-fed one.

As someone who has a fairly good eye for dog breeds, this appears to be a Husky type breed. Although, huskies carry wolf genetics. He looks friendly actually... just in need of some TLC.

he's a wolf, huskies carry their tail up. they're bred that way so the mushers can tell them apart from wolves at a distance

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