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Odd sky phenomenon in Massachusetts

Obviously this is not a hoax and the witness is careful to state that she is seeing the phenomenon in the sky, that it is not a lens effect or a reflection from the car window. But what is it? Take a look. Your ideas welcome.

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Looks interesting.

Agree it doesn't look like a lens flare. It does resemble reflections on the inside of a car window when videoing through the window. However, there are a couple points where it does seem to be in and out of the cloud rather than reflected onto it.


...but that comment on the video (1:15) really made me laugh "See the bluish thing in the middle"...so I guess the weather must be so consistently bad over there, they never see a break in the clouds?!...the bluish thing being...sky.

...the rest of it was interesting though, although I think it is more than likely something inside the car reflecting in the window.

My guess is it's an optical effect from the camera's optics, possibly the iris. Like many of the supposedly diamond-shaped ufos were shown that the shape comes directly from the diamond shape of the camera-in-use's iris. Could be there was still a ufo there, but it wasn't diamond shaped. This one looks to me like much ado about nothing. And yes, blue sky!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this looks like the reflection in her car window. It clearly looks like a flection in glass. If she caught hits while stopped and outside the car, or with the window rolled down, then I'd be perplexed.

Our sky here in Central Texas looked very similar to this over the last week, although I have not observed any 'rod' activity. Those small patches are bits of sky peeping through, and I saw those here too---complete overcast, and one tiny hole of blue. We have had actual rain too and, although not out of the drought, it has been welcome!

Just for the record, the sky has not looked normal to me for the last couple of years. Nothing I can pin-point, but just a feeling that is does not appear 'real'. Today is bright and sunny, but I already see a blanket of white clouds moving in.

I do feel that our weather is being manipulated, and the local weather guys seem to be continually off, and also surprised when we get actual rain, because their models show the rain and storms bypassing us here.

Interesting vid, and this lady probably has not paid much attention to the sky or weather conditions in the past, or she would recognize ' a patch of blue' for what it is. The rod-like thing? It could be a reflection, but my gut says "no".

If you understand that our reality is not what we perceive, maybe we are getting a glimpse of the holographic projector. :-)

It could be a reflection, though the shape seems to be something actually in the clouds, especially when a portion of it seems to drop in altitude. That's where you'll notice cloud vapor actually moving.
I agree on the patch of blue, looks like regular old sky to me.

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