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Odd one over Florida: another UFO in trouble?

I just happened pick this up thanks to Suzanne Chancellor's posting in on the Whitley Strieber Society on Face Book. If this is a real video, it appears to be something in some sort of trouble, dropping flaming wreckage. No reports of any air crashes in the region in late May.

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It's truly odd, whatever it is. But I don't think it's in trouble.

First guess was a twin engine jet in afterburner however it is moving way to slowly for that to be the case. Also, the curving of the exhaust trail proves it's not a jet.

It looks more like an alien fireworks display. If so, then the ETs are getting way too desperate for attention!!!

People, go to ispot.tv commercials and enter "discount tire America's roads" at 10 seconds into it you will see black streak moving left to right in upper middle of screen. Up angle is approx. 40 degrees.

I'm sorry, it is moving right to left, my bad.

I'm sorry, it is moving right to left, my bad.

The factious side of me says it's the long awaited alien saviors seeding our waters with pollution absorbing material like some who think we can continue to crap on the planet seem to think will happen...

The better side of me is just sitting in wonder and grateful that so many people like this man will not only record but share such fascinating footage of what appears beyond doubt to be an Unidentified Phenomena. Lets home humanity can stop killing each other and wake up to a greater existence than tribalism.

Could it be one of those alien battles that we sometimes hear about, as the good guys battle it out with the bad?

I don't think that's wreckage. I think this is something we've seen before- a craft shifting into other multiples of some kind. Like a mother ship morphing into multiple smaller objects. Think high strangeness...

Too bad he didnt turn the auto-focus feature off! Most of the video was blurry as the camera lost the image and tried to reacquire it. Very frustrating but interesting! Almost looks a large object spinning in circular motion.

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