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Odd magnetic stone. Perplexing...or not.

This video of a stone with apparent magnetic properties has been posted on YouTube. Problem is, it doesn't function like a magnet--at least, not one without another magnetic field nearby to cause it to move. However, the first part of the video shows the object on a wooden table. There could easily be a powerful magnet under the table. The second video is more subtle--the object appears on a glass table. But look closely. A third of the glass is obscured by what appears to be a stone base. So, is the magnet hidden there? As always, there's a remote possibility that this is something genuinely anomalous. How your Out There editor longs for that ONE video that is beyond dispute!

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Might it be a naturally formed "rattleback"? Here's the wiki-link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rattleback.

Check this video by klaus Dona for strange objects.

Just look at 3 seconds in - the object moves before he has even touched it, so my guess is that the magnet is hidden in this guy's hand.

The object probably does have magnetic properties, I am not denying that but it is definitely interacting with an external magnet.

I have one of these that is made out of plastic. I bought it at OLD TOWN near orlando. It is the shape of the object that will not let it spin in one direction.

When I watched this at first, it was on my mobile phone, without sound. Now I have had a chance to watch it with better quality and sound, I tend to agree with the other posters that the object is a 'Rattleback' - I want one!

The "Rattleback" explanation seems likely, but then there's the fact that it moves, in the first few seconds of the video, before it is touched. I think there's at least two causes in operation.

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