Out There

Object interacting with sun, or video dropout.

Every video expert I send these images to dismisses them as video artifacts until I ask why. Then they say that's what NASA says they are. Frankly, I am having trouble believing that an image such as the one that appears here is a video artifact. There is a line of plasma between the object and the sun that is in no way related to the movement of the solar corona. I have to wonder what the constant appearance of objects such as this over the past five years might mean. If this is not a video artifact, then it is either something enormous interacting with the sun or it's much closer than it appears. If it is a huge object interacting with the sun, then our world is not what it seems.

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Over at crop circles and ancient mysteries... theres a post that seems to show a structure much like the one that was photographed by that astronomer, in the atmosphere of the sun... I put up the link i hope it works.

Now that 'is' interesting! Thanks Gerald.

This could be a high energy particle hitting the detector (the bright spot on the left) and ejection of other particles could be the lines doing up and across. Do you realize how huge that thing must be and how thick those lines must be to be observable from a satellite!

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