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Object hovering over Empire Bay, NSW--for the FIFTH time

The object pictured in this video by photographer Drew Ryan has appeared over the Empire Bay area in New South Wales on July 3--as it happened, World UFO Day. According to Mr. Ryan and others, it has been seen before on at least five occasions. This rules out a meteor--as does its movement--as well as essentially all other prosaic explanations. A high probability that this is a genuine unknown.

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Whatever this is, it has somewhat of an organic quality about it. The colors are fascinating too. The object is bright white, but rimmed on one side in purple and violet, and on the other side by reds and orange, but with a greenish 'tail'. So this object displays white light, but also includes two different ends of the spectrum and green somewhere in the middle. I would like to see this one analyzed by an expert.

I have seen something very similar twice recently over a military airfield in San Diego area. Object is just out of visual range but using binoculars brings it clearly into focus. Appears vertically stable but spinning in a haphazard rotational cycle. Resembles a pulsating ball with one extremely bright golden focused beam with other colors not as bright as it spins. Not a flare, not a balloon, not a helicopter, and not a plane. It lasted several minutes until fading out.

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