Out There

Nightline crew films in UK UFO hotspot.

The Scarborough Evening News appears to be enthusiastic about having an ABC Nightline crew doing a UFO docu in the area. But will they be happy with the result? Expected to air in a few days.

Story Source:

I remember driving up to the Yorkshire moors at night with some friends years ago.

We turned the car lights off and it was PITCH BLACK! Perfect for star gazing.

All we ended up doing was scaring ourselves! Unfortunataly no UFOs were seen.

...although come to think of it, a mate of mine told me a story of when he and a friend were driving up there at dusk in the fog - now that is place you don't want to be!

Anyway, in front of them and off to the side of the road, they saw what looked like a human shaped figure glowing in the dark, through the fog. They imediately rationalised it by assuming it was a reflection of a damaged sign in their headlights. But then they passed it my mate turned around to look at it...

...and it was still glowing! They absolutely canned it - and raced out of there as fast as they could, despite the fog!!!

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