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Night Vision Equipment Reveals UFOs over Superstition Mountains

These days our skies are full of unknown objects, but many of them are known to people who are simply keeping quiet because of classification rules. These two lights, for example, could be very high altitude planes flying in formation. These would not be known aircraft, and why they would be showing lights at all isn't clear. The preponderance of evidence that these are genuine unknown.

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These objects, whatever they are, do seem to be in orbit. Several times I have looked up the schedule of the ISS at websites like http://spotthestation.nasa.gov. The motion of the objects appears to be like an object in orbit.

I remember seeing both the Shuttle and ISS going over in formation like this. Especially, the visual effect of them "marching away" as they approached the far horizon.

I too once saw two objects go over my house one summer night. I'm sure it was one of the space shuttles that had separated from the ISS but was still in the same orbit.

@Nancy - Satellite Watching is a great hobby that literally costs nothing and can be really addicting. After catching the ISS (or "Station" as the NASA geeks say) going over a few times you can really get a sense of how things in orbit move across the sky. The Station is very majestic as it comes over the horizon. If it's a clear night shortly after sunset it's brighter than Venus.

If you're a real nerd (like me) and you have a GPS you can try and catch 'Iridium Flares' http://www.satobs.org/iridium.html. These are VERY bright streaks that only occur for a few seconds and you have to be in just the right spot to see them (hence the GPS). They are actually sunlight reflecting off the solar panels of the Iridum satellites as the sunlight glints off them. How they can compute all the angles, locations, and times they are visible is way beyond me!

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