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New Lake Erie UFO footage. Comes in quite close.

Lake Erie has been a UFO hotspot for years. This footage is interesting toward the end, when the object comes quite close to the camera, about 8 minutes in. Because it is night, of course, it could be something easily explained, but the genuine surprise of the videographer suggests otherwise.

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It really does look like a commercial aircraft on approach with landing lights on. When the plane turns to its right, presumably for its base leg or final, the landing lights point away from the camera and the aircraft will seem to dim, with only nav lights showing. Landing lights can be quite dramatic, depending on the aircraft. And they can be seen long before the aircraft is heard; as we all know, on approach and landing the engines are throttled down. If this had been shot a bit to the east of Erie, PA, say east of Presque Isle, then it would be a good candidate for an aircraft landing at Tom Ridge field. However, I wasn't there when it was shot, so this is just a theory. The videographer did a nice job capturing this phenomenon, whatever it was.

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