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New Bigfoot Footage from British Columbia

This brief video from British Columbia could show a bigfoot, assuming that they are a form of hominid, not an ape. When the individual stands up, he, she (or it??) has a humanoid stance, not that of an ape. It then moves off down the hillside, walking, again, like a being with a humanoid skeletal structure. It appears to be fairly tall, possibly over six feet.

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Its hard to tell that its not a person, to me...I mean, do you see hair on its body? Could it be a logger, forestry person or surveyor? How does one tell how tall it is? I'm not a skeptic, but, I used to live in an area with environment similar to that, and perspective can be deceiving with trees and such....of course, being a STRONG believer in Sasquatch, I hope sometime that video like this can be enhanced to the point here we could really tell if it's human, or..."semi-human"....

he has 5 other videos including one with a costume gorilla suit, I think this is some kind of promotion for a program called LegendTracker (for smartphones) using a man in a gorilla suit.
So fake sadly. Lots of those on Youtube.

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