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NASA admits orbs videotaped near shuttle were unknowns

All of that video over the years, and not a word from NASA. Now they at least admit that these orbs are a genuine mystery. Thank you so much for a scrap of truth at last!

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To me there is a problem with statements such as "Thank you so much for a scrap of truth at last!"
Most commentators are of the opinion that NASA lies and holds back truths and information, and it appears that people have good reason to believe that. But when they (NASA) divulge or state something that we find believable, then we affirm that they have for once spoken the truth.
How do we know when these organizations actually speak any truth at all. It seems that some of us tend to confirm their truth-sayings if their statements concur with our beliefs. If it does not concur then they are suspect, of course.
My term for this phenomenon is convenience-acknowledgement: when what they say concurs with our opinions, they speak the truth otherwise they remain suspect.
Even Richard Hoagland, whom I respect deeply, falls into this trap. In fact, he has written major books demonstrating the deception of NASA, but every now and then a snippet comes through that he likes, and that makes is believable.
The point is, does NASA really not know what these orbs are, or are they merely saying so as an easy way out of not telling the real truth? Perhaps they do know but cannot afford to tell the public.
Why would NASA be believed at convenient moments but not at other moments? The real problem becomes so much more complex: who's agenda is to be believed, NASA (and other similar bodies), the commentators, specialists like Hoagland?
At a time when information is in such abundance, it is peculiar that certainty is so fickle and tenuous.

At least they are coming out, hasn't happened too often, has it? For me it's the first time I see something like this so official. I like this progress that is so acutely going on about UFO's at our time today in the new millennium. Something completely real is going on and this thing is pressing hard on mainstream channels more and more, soon it will be openly accepted knowledge that what the striebers call the Visitors are as real as we are. Amazing to actually see this taking form. Cheers to NASA, why not going further with this?

There are two things about this video that seem interesting: it appears to be the acknowledgement from NASA about UFOs that Leslie Kean talked about in her Dreamland and Subscribers interview; secondly this is being reported by Fox News! 

Fox being a propaganda channel for the powers at be (if you believe Jim Marrs) I find it ominous that they appear to be moving in this direction. What do you think the purpose could be to begin to legitimise this area? Coming from Fox I cannot see how it would be for any beneficial reason!

Amazing comments at the end by the spokesman...."these things"? "many many" !!

Paradoxes are the name (truths) of the game in our reality..

"At a time when information is in such abundance, it is peculiar that certainty is so fickle and tenuous."
I agree 100%. I've allmost given up finding stuff out. Whenever I find out something, 6 months later I find out I was wrong. Then 6 months later again I find out I was right and so it goes on. There is allways a new website listing facts about the stuff I'm investigating that will change my opinion 6 months later. On top of that there is the fraud UFO writers like Phil Imbrogno, Adamski, the UFO video fakers on Youtube, the "Face on Mars" conspiracy writers, the moon landing deniers who hasn't seen all the evidence etc. and I get tired of going through it all only to come to the conclusion that "I don't know! Did it happen? I don't know and I can't bloody find out!".

...and this is providing ANY person in such a situation with a great opportunity for an immense breakthrough: getting FIRSTHAND information!! That is exactly where we are going, from confusion to clarity, by firsthand information handed directly to oneself from the Universe! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE GOING!
This is way too important to ignore because it will completely revolutionize all aspects of society

and there are many that absolutely don't want that to happen.

How do i know?
I have seen and experienced many weird stuff like many else caring enough to visit this website and seeing a UFO can be more then enough to be remembered about something we forgot!

So, I have to congratulate you, Frek, and all others! We are going in the right direction no matter how confused we are at this time, it will be what stirs up the required ability to FINALLY listen to ones OWN connection to the Universe.

Loran, of course, you are absolutely correct, and this was one of the thoughts that passed my mind today. But then, you seem to be fortunate enough to have gained knowledge that many others haven't, and this has made you absolutely confident of your insight(s) and understanding.
Not having been given that peace of mind, other thoughts that went through my mind included: perhaps we are being kept stupid and ignorant on purpose as this makes us impotent - for whatever reason; perhaps all the various 'truths' we pass through are merely facets of a more comprehensive unitary reality, and we are being shown aspects of it in a progressive way; perhaps we are in an evolutionary process of intellectual and spiritual growth which ultimate will have us reach some sensible conclusion and state of being; possibly there are many more options others can think of.
Nevertheless, having found a modicum of certainty in one's philosophical outlook on life and destiny must bring great peace of mind, and that's nothing to be sniffed at.

I agree.
Experience - that is what counts and what will never be left aside.
I love to share the secret i use to gain access to the universe and other worlds and dimensions to gain contact. No problem at all.
Here it is:
Sound. I use sound. And that is an old one.. and what the visitors used to create the pyramids as well.
Simple as that.
And anybody can use it to raise their awareness and energy to be able to
communicate with other worlds. It is nothing more with me than anybody else.

And I do recommend Visionary Music to do it, it will make your energy into a light bulb if you allow.

....so, are they known-unknowns, or unknown-unknowns?!

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