Out There

Mysterious goat man lurking in Utah mountains.

It doesn't have to be a UFO story to qualify for the Out There section. This is not a UFO story, but you do have to wonder just what this guy is up to? Or what this guy IS?

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Well, this mystery has been solved:


This was a 57 year-old bow-hunter testing his goat suit. He is from Southern California (Of course!) What a sportsman! :-) He's right up there with Texans who sit for hours on end in a deer blind, next to a deer feeder, then just pick em' off as they walk by...

As my father would have said, this story was "...More entertaining than a goat rodeo!"

Very funny story. Someone said, "oh, leave the goat man alone, he hasn't hurt anyone"!!!! Priceless!!!

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