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Multiple witness UFOs in Texas

This report from Whitley Strieber's hometown of San Antonio may or may not be a sighting of a large candle lantern or other sky illumination. The description of beams of light coming out of it and structure beneath the larger surface actually suggests a manmade sky illumination of some sort, but we are posting it because of all of the other orange light UFO sightings being reported at present, and the conviction of the witnesses that it was something unusual.

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Very credible, I wonder what happens next. Are there anyone checking with Control towers if this could be airplanes? Could this not be fx. 2 fighter jets with afterburners glowing in the sunset? A missile test? How about interviewing people (if any?) who investigate events like this. What percentage is really UFO's? 5%, 25%, 50% or 1%? Or are we to forever live in the dark (apart from Whitleys excellent work that is), gazing at Youtube videos for the next 100 years, wondering what the heck they are?

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