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UPDATE: A Much Clearer Photo of the Kansas Triangle PLUS more Photos

This photo of the unknown aircraft that flew over Kansas City at high altitude last week makes it clear that this isn't a known plane. It's not a stealth bomber because it doesn't have the characteristic jagged trailing edge. While it's unusual for classified aircraft to fly over populated areas in broad daylight, it's not completely unheard of, especially if they're about to be made public.

If this is the legendary and often denied Aurora space plane, it's unveiling is going to be a pretty spectacular event.

More photos from another witness are added in this report.

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The con-trail says it all: it's terrestrial in origin. It will certainly come in handy in "debunking" real sightings of the triangles in recent years. Of course, that doesn't account for the descriptions going back to the 19th century…but a little thing like logic will never get in the way of the Dis-informers.

This is unlikely to be a "space plane", as its aspect ratio is too great. It appears to be designed for less-than-hypersonic speeds. Probably a reconnaissance-and-or-long-distance-bomber aircraft (or just a research test-bed).

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