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Most of the recent 'earth tilting' stories have been nonsense. This one is interesting.

The observations of the Inuit are certainly worth careful thought. Their changing horizon could be caused by contraction of polar ice, but it is also true that axial tilt would be more noticeable to the naked eye in the far north and far south. So far, no telescopes in the middle lattitudes have reported anything, and one would think that they would if they were seeing it. Certainly it would be readily obvious from their measurements. Or would they report something so controversial? More than anything, modern scientists fear controversies, especially sensational ones.

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It is astounding that this information is taking so long to "hit the airways". I found another link that provides further information including two scientific studies that have confirmed what the Inuit people already know. SEE: http://www.isuma.tv/inuit-knowledge-and-climate-change/tilted-earth-has-...

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