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More on that undersea UFO in the Baltic. A huge skidmark is now clear.

In June Peter Lindberg of the Ocean Explorer found an unusual object 285 feet down on the floor of the Baltic Sea. Now additional images show a clear skidmark behind the object. So what is it? The skidmark would suggest that it was once seaborne, and that it was moving fast when it struck the bottom. Is it, perhaps, a crashed Nazi secret aircraft? They were working on flying wings and even more exotic forms during the war, and some say VERY exotic forms. Or could it be a crashed spacecraft from another world? Lindberg has said, "...during my 18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this." But he has no plans, he claims, to dive the wreck because his company seeks sunken treasure, not sunken UFOs. 

Or does he? He hasn't published the precise location of the wreck and if it was an alien spacecraft it would, obviously, be the most valuable object ever found in the history of the world. So, will we hear more? Let's hope it won't be ignored or disappear into some secret vault. Out There's bet is on a crashed Nazi secret weapon, but you never know...

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It looks like the Millenium Falcon.

yes all they need now is for Luke to use the force.

After posting my earlier comment i then found it in The Sun newspaper.


I'm not sure where UC gets the "huge skidmark" confirmation from. Seems to be their own interpretation of imagery that IMO could be just terrain (the "skidmark", not the circular formation).

For a man (Strieber) who has always advocated questions over answers, UC seems to jump to a lot of conclusions lately. Anne in particular has very definite ideas about things, and makes no bones about making sharp delineations during interviews and such.

I hope this sonar image gets investigated by an expedition. It's not so deep to preclude it, or even make it particularly difficult as these things go. On just the chance it could be an artifact of an ancient civilization or crashed alien disc, the commercial justification should be there. There also could be a chance that a U.S. sub headed there after the report to depthcharge whatever it is, and the next time this boat comes back to take more sonar images, it will be a blur. Maybe the only thing preventing that is that the location hasn't been revealed.

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