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More strange sounds, this time Illinois

As one of the comments on this video points out, these sounds could be the effect of the car passing over a resonant pavement. But they do bear a resemblance to other sounds recorded in Russian, posted here yesterday.

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Mmm. As the sounds occur specifically when driving across bridges, Occam's razor suggests it's to do with that. The road noise generated inside my car changes with differing road surfaces - some older sections of (UK) motorways (e.g. where the surface was finished with ribbed concrete) create similar loud noises in my Hyundai i30, which is generally quite noisy on all surfaces. The previous video posted here (mentioned above) is MUCH more spooky!

Yeah, I've heard these bridge vibration sounds for years while in a car. It's just tires going over metal embedded in the concrete!!! It's makes kind of a whir sound!!!

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