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More on that Russian alien body video.

Unless this is a very elaborate viral video with some money behind it, it's a real case. The earlier and very public UFO sighting and explosion, followed by this discovery and the detail in the photograph, are pretty convincing. But then again, if this is a good quality hoax, it would also be convincing.

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Interesting, but its could be a small primate corpse. Either way that creature is small wouldnt you say? Maybe 6"-1' in height?

It's probably premature of the author of this article to be linking these two events: While the two provinces involved do border one another, combined they cover an area similar to 1/3 of the United States. Also, it's far from uncommon for a major documented UFO sighting to be trailed by hoaxes, meant to either capitalize on or detract from the main occurrence, especially if the hoaxers had more than a month to prepare.
Another potential mistake on the author's part: I can't find any indication that the object sighted in Osinsky, Buryatia, had crashed at all, just that it was "a loud, glowing object".

Is that a navel I see?

No, it's just debris, it's more apparent when the camera is zoomed in on that area.
Eyes, I'd give it an intended height of 10", but yeah, it's a small one.

10" souinds about right, especially if you compare it to the guy's boot seen earlier.

A curious thing about this story. The maker of the video was interviewed and gave a detailed account of how he made the fake alien. But according to his testimony, he did not put any color on the skin. None. Yet, we can see many different colors on it.
And's not because that part of his account was cut. He goes uninterrupted from steps 1-2-3-4 to 'Let's shoot it'
I have the translated interview on my website vania1917.com

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