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More on the Myrtle Beach UFO flap.

There is quite a UFO flap going on in Myrtle Beach, and this appears to be an excellent example of video from the area. It appears to be authentic, despite the fact that it has been posted on Third Phase of the Moon.

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Interesting footage.
Ignore the ThirdPhase youtube page, here's the original footage from resident Joe Kiernan's own youtube account:
Also, At the 15:50 of this clip is an interview with Joe, where he discusses the multiple sightings, witnesses, his frustration and military shenanigans :

It only takes a few news reports on CNN + BBC for people worldwide to suddenly realize that "they are here!" and all Our lives change. A totally new agenda (for most of us without contact experience that is). Nice interview. It will probably occupy Our thoughts everyday for a long time if the news breaks through.

These look like airplanes in an approach pattern. These really, really look like airplanes on an approach. There maybe stuff going on in MB, but this video is just tourists arriving vis plane.

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