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More Kansas UFO reports.

More reports of unknowns in Kansas, but so far none of the video has been particularly convincing. The public comments on this story claim that they're all people flying ultralights at night and Chinese lanterns. Hopefully, with so many sightings, there will be some definitive video soon.

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Interesting comments along with this article and a few angry voices. My take is (???). Everything should be questioned. Sandwiched between some of these known activities/military drills there might have been a real UFO presence. As I said on a previous post….. “Looking at these dates and noticing they correspond to the same time Baby Lisa went missing (October 3rd). SIMPLY AN OBSERVATION.” I believe all unknown entities can be real opportunists, taking advantage of a way in and out of any situation without direct detection.



I really hope they find that baby. If there is anything to mediums and remote viewers then they could help. What bettar cause?

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