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Moldova UFO video back on YouTube. It has been removed many times, so watch while you can.

This intriguing video is routinely removed from YouTube, but if you catch it in time, perhaps you will be able to see it. The announcer's response when she is informed of the object appearing behind her is so natural, it is difficult to believe that this is in any way faked.

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There are a few things wrong with this one. Firstly, the reporter turns her head in the direction of the object as soon as she's addressed, before the cameraman (of whom seems to have his own microphone for some reason) can even start into what he's saying.
As well, the reporter seems to keep looking at the same spot, and doesn't track the object as it ascends. She's still looking at that same spot for about eight seconds after the object disappears. Not to mention she seems rather non-plussed after the fact.
The light from the object doesn't seem to cause the nearby bushes to cast shadows. It also looks awfully special-effecty for a typical UFO. I must now stake my claim to "special-effecty" as a new legitimate scientific term. :)

If the video is not an image of human evolution, it is at least one of linguistic evolution...kudos, Matt! Your first several observations, while largely correct in observance, are arguable as to the veracity of the event. The last, however, seems to pretty much pin it down. The absence of shadows and the overall bloom of the light do indeed suggest an overlay. But then, who says we're looking at a conventional source of light?? ;)

It's not only special-effecty, but it's funky! And fun. Wonder if a Moldovan could comment on whether or not this is a legitimate news broadcast. I don't see any identifying network or station logos.

I guess they say wow in Moldovan just like us. It's kinda funky!!!

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