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Missile launch south of Mesa, AZ

This missile launch took place today south of Mesa, Arizona, perhaps from the site of Williams AFB, which is now integrated into Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Why such a launch would occur over a populated area is unknown. It appears to intersect with something at 21 seconds into the video.

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This is actually the contrail of an airliner that originated from beyond the horizon from the videographer's PoV. What he thinks is a "dust trail" is actually the contrail casting a shadow on the low-lying cloud below it.

At the 23 second mark of the video, I clearly see an object of some kind that appears to be moving away from the end of the contrail point. So, it’s more than the contrail in this video that raises suspicion.

That object actually appears at 00:21, starting to the right of the contrail, moving left, so it's not apparently associated with the contrail itself. The video isn't at a high enough resolution to tell what it actually is, but judging from it's speed and it's pulsing appearance, it's probably a bird.

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