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A miraculous rescue

Most Out There stories are about UFOs, bigfoot and other mysteries. It's not often that we get a story of a miracle this extraordinary, and especially in view of the site's last weekender, I thought that it definitely qualifies for inclusion here. A woman's SUV was sinking in flood waters in the recent Colorado storms, and she was saved at the last minute. But there's quite a kicker. Watch the video to the end and prepare to be amazed. Given all the evidence, and Whitley's wonderful story of his own rescue by a guardian angel in the weekender, I have to say that your cynical old Out There editor is willing to say, while not proof of guardian angels, this does appear to be a genuine unknown.

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Perhaps the gentleman who reached down and felt the woman's hand and pulled her out was reaching through an open car door rather than an open window, which may have easily closed again when the car was pulled out of the water. I would also be curious to know if the car had electric windows, which may have been triggered accidentally during the escape. My point in stating this is not to be negative, but in order to recognize extraordinary events, we must first rule out those that are simply ordinary and here, amazingly fortunate.

RE: Charles. this grasp at ANY implausible solution is typical of the fear of taking the chance and accepting the participants at their words. As for myself, I take the man at his word. The inability to ACCEPT the presence of mystical events precludes their existence in your life for you cannot see with your eyes closed.

Miracles do happen. We can explain them away if we like, and assume that those who recognise the miracle for what it is are naive or gullible (which is indeed sometimes true, but not always), but they still happen. And when we are prepared to put aside our skepticism and say, "What if?", we begin to recognise them in our own lives.

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