Out There

Mini-Documentary of a UFO sighting by 2 boys in the UK

This nicely produced mini-documentary purportedly shows a video made by two boys at three o'clock in the morning from a window of their home. The boys are interviewed, and a view from the same window during the day reveals nothing that could have been responsible for the lights. But how is it that the video production group, identified here as SoSick Graphics, obtains so much UFO video? They have many other videos on their channel. Where do they get them? How is it that members of the public know to go to them when they are all but invisible, buried in YouTube? There are many UFO channels like this on YouTube, all loaded with UFO video seemingly taken by the public. Unknowncountry attempts to communicate with all of them. We offer UFO video to them. So far, not one of them has ever replied to an email from us. Who are they, really, and where are these videos coming from?

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Youtube is full of fantastic UFO videos. There is no way to tell which ones are real.
This one seem real (and fantastic) so surely many people saw it and it will go on the front cover of every newspaper. But no it doesn't for some odd reason, it stays in internet land and we can speculate the rest of Our lives about it.
Great effort trying to communicate with the Youtubers.

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