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Men in Black caught on security camera in Canada.

If true, this is absolutely fascinating and most unusual. Men with no eyebrows, no eyelashes, apparently wearing wigs, with huge blue eyes came into a hotel near Niagara Falls looking for the narrator of this video, and he was able to find them on his hotel's security camera. Unless they are actors (and he is, too) this is a unique case. He and some friends had an elaborate sighting of a triangular shaped UFO over Niagara Falls. You can read the detailed report here. (Spawns PDF flie.) Please note that the next MIB movie comes out soon, so this could be viral marketing.

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Too bad the video doesn't show more detail. Thanks for including the observations about the upcoming movie, the narrator being an actor, etc. Could indeed be viral marketing. Wonder if the other staff from the hotel would be willing to corroborate his story?

Viral marketing for the new movie would be a good reason, but I seriously doubt a studio or ad agency would take it to the realistic level that seems to indicate a real MIB as told by this individual. I would think that the actors would just be serious Jack Webb types in deadpan and not go to the truly bizarre nature that this indicates. Too much realistic detail for Hollywood!!! Right?

You don't see men wearing hats like that anymore. They reminded me of the way men used to dress in the 50's and 60's because my Dad used to wear hats like that to work and church and an overcoat!!! Also their gait is slightly different than the other people with a deep knee bend with each step. They appear slightly menacing, spooky and weird. They really stick out!!!

i experienced these men in black long before the movie...long before the detailed descriptions (that i know of) which describe them as having no eyebrows or eyelashes. i experienced this years ago when they showed up at my grandmother's residence in the middle of the night. they had no eyebrows, nor eyelashes...no hair that i could see. their heads were covered in...as well as their bodies...what appeared to be a "scuba suit" of black. these suits were static in nature...meaning that..like laundry with no fabric sheets..they seemed to be static charged and attracted fibers rather than to shed any fibers. got the distinct feeling that the suits were designed to not leave fibers behind. they had large eyes and skin that looked like white plaster. they had a very bad attitude and were no-nonsense. they held a globe the size of a crystal ball to my back..between my shoulder blades..which radiated iridescent light and caused me upon touch to relax and become like paralyzed. it felt very very good...delicious even. however, they started interrogating me..and this globe had the effect of seeming to make me answer them at their behest. i remember my mouth drooling as i answered...and answering in slurred speech, as if drunk. i don't recall what i said. but i remember that they asked me how much i knew and what my grandfather knew. my grandfather at the time was in a nursing home miles away. they interrogated me for what seemed like only a few minutes. then they retreated and left the house. i have recall of a very large and black helicopter. a chopper which had a very loud and very low frequency chop chop noise...and the chopper looked like liquid black metal...like formica which was shaped like a rippling tear drop. i don't know how else to describe it. i also remember that while they were landed, the large blades seemed to fold up like a human arm would in a 90 degree angle while bent. the blades bent up like this while the craft was landed.

i'll never forget it. i'll never forget their faces. real or dream...other people's accounts seem to correlate with this description of them.

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