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Mars UFO photo? Maybe...

There is clearly a bright UFO in this photo from Curiosity. Does this mean that Curiosity has taken a UFO photo on Mars? The object appears in the photo on the NASA website. Here is a comment from one of our experts:

"If you copy the photo to your computer and then select and view it and zoom in on the bright white spot you can see that someone just pasted the shape over the rocks. It is a practical joke."

Somebody at NASA is having a little fun, it appears, but you never know. We have also asked NASA for a comment on the image and are awaiting an answer. For a larger image, go here.


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I think I'm usually one of the more skeptical people here, but I don't think this is an obvious fake. I zoomed in on the photo and IMO it's not clearly a pasted shape. So typically I guess I'm not in sync with the supposed "experts" for UC. Could it be photoshopped? Sure, but I don't think NASA is in the business of making fake UFO photos for their own amusement.

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