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That Mars Rodent--What's the Real Scoop

We've hesitated to post about the recent 'Mars Rodent' photo from the Curiosity Rover, largely because a place with such a thin atmosphere, no food sources and extremely cold temperatures is just darned unlikely to have mice. However, the image has proved to be a very odd one. First, it's large, at least three feet long, so 'rodent' might not be quite the right word to describe it. 'Large lizard' or 'small dinosaur' might be more appropriate. Still, no animal developed to that level of complexity is going to be running around in an environment like Mars. Also, though, the likelihood of a form this complex appearing at random in a rock field without the slightest sign of any similar erosion simply isn't that great. So the 'Mars rodent,' like the 'Mars figure' of a few years ago, must remain a mystery.

Alien practical jokers...or maybe a little funnin' compliments of the Rover Team? If so, not a bad prank, that's for sure...

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I have to admit I got a great laugh out of this story! Mars photos---a Rorschach test for the human imagination!

Too bad we can't always see many rats and lizards hidden in plain sight within our own human population right here on Earth (Apologies to actual rats and lizards!)

This is a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia. This is the same as seeing animals in clouds or whatever. That rodent is just a rock, and the trick of the light. Some of the so called objects seen in other Mars photos are always misinterpreted because only part of the object is looked at. The bright part will be said to look like a person, but closer inspection shows it's the side of a rock, with the rest blending into the background, because everything is the same reddish color.

We don't even know the size of this rock. This isn't a statue or an animal. It's a randomly shaped rock that looks like a rat. Just like people see drift wood that looks like an elephant or the face of Jesus on burnt toast. Or rocks on hills that look like faces. It's normal for our brains to see patterns and try to associate them with something familiar. I think we have all seen this in our everyday lives. You see something, it looks like something else, until you get close to it, and see it's a crumpled up piece of paper or some prosaic object.

I'll go out on the proverbial limb, and give everyone something to laugh and sneer at. Of course, there's an atmosphere on Mars. Just like, of course, I knew there was water on Mars far before NASA deigned to announce it, as many other people did, as well. After all, it's only logical if you think about it. It's a planet. No water, well heck it would blown away, become space dust.

BTW, reports by whistleblowers state that the atmosphere is thinner, but breathable. I contend NASA has been lying out there 'never a straight answer' wazoo. To believe anything else, that NASA would ever tell the actual truth, especially about Mars, Earth's neighbor... well, that's like believing a congenital liar in my opinion.

So, what that lizard-rat looking creature/object is I don't know. It could be an actual creature of some kind. It could be a statue type of object.

So, yeah, you can continue laughing... enjoy.

Tell you what... show me another, naturally formed rock that so convincingly looks like a rat/lizard complete with jaws, a head, spine, two legs (showing), muscle tone and a tail, all in proportion to each other, found on the Red Planet or this planet, for that matter, and I'll believe it is natural and not a fossil or artwork.

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