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Magnificent--and authentic--crop formation

Now that farmers can hire circlmakers to decorate their fields for fun and PROFIT, more and more manmade formations are appearing. Some of them are even quite striking--from a distance. Up close, though, you find broken stems, no interweaving and generally rough edges. This formation, however, is among the most magnificent ever created. No human circlemakers are even close to the skill level required to create this superb work. 

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That's beautiful.

I thought most cropcircles were man made until I watched:
"Crop Circles Quest for Truth - Theatrical Feature Film" on Youtube:
apparently there are no footsteps, never any half finished circles, the circlesmakers are never caught and the crops are curved down (not bent/broken)? So it can't be 20 student pulling a prank I guess.

'Time' to think outside the box...

Yes, percentage-wise very few formations have ever been man made or logos. The great preponderance of formations in England are authentic, complex, huge, fast, elegant, technical, brilliant, lovely, informative, inspiring, mind-blowing, mysterious, electrical, free of observed activity, and recently more occurrences of multi-phase formations over a number of days. Suzanne's film "What on Earth?" is excellent. And we are now looking at a 15 year explosive period to a very old phenomenon. Long before there was any tourist profit there was and still is Farmers' rage, often ending in a quickly mowed formation. And in one case the 'artists' did come back and fix a partly mowed shape with an elegant design solution. Loved it.

(I believe it was Matthew Williams who admitted that his team made the alien with a disc circle).

I have but one proposition to all of the, so-called, circle hoaxers out there. It is the same proposition that I put to all of " The-Ancient-Egyptians-Dragged-The-Millions-Of-Blocks-In-The-Pyramids-Up-A-Ramp" believers. Prove it by replicating the same thing, in the same amount of time and in public with the same amount of anomalies in the crop.

Here here, EDinWAState, I like the way you think!!! I've said the same myself in not so many words.

Doug and Dave...yeah, with a little help from their 'friends'...I wonder what D&D must really think about this kind of incredible formation? If only there were someone with some serious amounts of cash to say in public, "Come on then, replicate that during a single night and this £1 million is yours"...

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