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Lost 1995 Disney UFO Documentary Resurfaces

This Walt Disney documentary introduced by Disney CEO Michael Eisner was shown in only 5 cities before disappearing without a trace. It is scripted as if there is an expectations that aliens are going to land any day. It never went anywhere. Obviously, the expected landing never took place, either. Something was anticipated in the nineties. It never happened. Nevertheless it's a fascinating artifact of what was probably part of a plan to prepare us for contact.

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Wow, is this for real? Anyone know the story behind why it's surfacing now? And whose plan it originally was? It's amazing that Disney Corp. would produce something so oppositional to the way the government has handled the issue. There's got to be a fascinating story there.

Very weird. Weirder than the visitors themselves. :)

This is an astonishing production --coming from a well established studio. In part it sounds like a hyped-up advertisment for Disney's upcoming (at the time) attraction.

Significantly, however there is no indication that this material here is presented as speculation. Many shows of this nature are careful to point out (rightly or wrongly), that their statements' are not yet established facts. But in this presentation there is a portrayal of certainty, even extending into the Government's involvment with UFOs.

I feel the public is slowly being acclimated to this very real information in small controlled doses. Perhaps this film went a little too far?

I wish I had a better copy of this to view as I did not recognize some of the archival black and white footage that was included.

There are also clues in this film that clearly show it's propagandistic nature.

This is a polished production. Pay close attention to the voice-over combined with the quick shots of the older footage. This is one way subliminal messages can be inserted into the content.

This discussion reminds me of a seminar I went to by the author Phillip Krapf, The Contact Has Begun (1998, HayHouse). He said that he was taken on board an alien craft and briefly met a recognizably famous individual and briefly visited with them as they passed by in a hallway. Each person was chosen to be an ambassador specifically to prepare humanity for eventual contact. Most were to wait and be on hold to make statements. Mr Krapf felt he was chosen because he was a journalist and a total skeptic about anything out of this world or paranormal.

He stated in person and in the book that he was conscious the entire time and treated very well, with an enhancement to his memory done so that he could write the book. In the 2 hour seminar I attended, Mr Krapf came across as very credible and (frankly) sane. His timetable was for contact by 2006, obviously past that now.

I sometimes think of his book and his message. Could he have met Michael Eisner, another ambassador? Mr Krapf had a website up for awhile and on there he said that the timetable got delayed for open contact and possibly yanked due to the events of 9/11, 2001. He was a very reluctant messenger but then also felt responsible to keep his word, and thus wrote the book.

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