Out There

Listen to the sound of interstellar space!

Listen to the sound of Voyager's radio return as it leaves the influence of the sun and enters interstellar space. Voyager is the first reported manmade object to go beyond the solar system. It took 30 years!

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An 'Out There' that is truly out there...:-)

Quite beautiful and magical... it is an astounding accomplishment! I don't think many people in the world realize how special this is for mankind. We have crossed a boundary that takes a part of us, our legacy, into a grand new adventure. Who knows what this could mean in the future?

That last high-pitched goodbye sounded lonely, yet hopeful to me. It touched me almost as if it is a conscious being...I have tears in my eyes right now.

Thank you, thank you to whoever posted this!

You have perfectly expressed my feelings too, Cosmic Librarian. To know that our little piece of technology that faithfully transmitted messages to us for over thirty years has truly left its home system, and that we can still hear its voice is incredible. I hope that we will continue to hear its little voice far beyond. Go little emissary.

Thank you for posting this.

Absolutely Astounding! Beautiful!
I'm speechless!
Nothing more than the previous two posts needs to be said anyway.
Thank you for posting this.

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