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Large object enters volcano. Remarkable video.

This video was brought to our attention by Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan, and it is remarkable. There is no suggestion of hoax in this video taken by a webcam that watches the Popocatepetl volcano. The volcano has been active lately, and threatens a large human population. So what is this object doing? Also, I might add that it strongly resembles glowing bars that have been recorded in Kentucky recently.

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Is there a reason why this has to be an object going into the volcano...could it not be a bright object passing over it? I am not an expert on webcams but I certainly know that my camera phone on a low light setting gives a jerky image, which I assume is because it is attempting to capture enough light to show detail in the frame. If this volcano webcam works in the same way, by collecting light from several virtual frames and then adding them together to make the final lighter image, then a bright moving object might appear as a straight line, or rod.

I am open to the possibility of this being an object going into the volcano but more investigation is needed, I think, with regards to the camera this was taken with.

Does anyone have any idea what date this video was taken? I have been researching and all I can find is October 2012. I do not see a date stamp on the video, and I understand a little Spanish, and never even heard 'Octobre' mentioned.

The exact date is not mentioned, but It was taken very probably on Thrusday 24th October 2012.

Thank you, German!

I was surprised to see no one else has commented that the item entering the valcsno looks eerily like the UFO photographed by the Kentucky amateur astronomer posted on October, 22nd.

I'm sorry for all the believers, but I have watched this and it is a fake. Sorry, again.

Thank you John Malone for that highly informative and detailed analyzation of this video. At first I wasn't sure, but now that you have cleared up all the fuzzy details, it is so clear I feel stupid. I was just wondering though...Is this a 'fake' newscast? Is it a 'fake' volcano? Is the object 'fake'? Is the year incorrect? And don't be 'sorry' John, you are why I come to Unknown Country...to clear up the little details I might have missed. Thanks again. Ed :)

I was wondering what any of you thought about the 'drop shadow' to the right of the rod of light? I just can't reconcile that with it being a real object.

What would that shadow be falling onto? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Supposedly this volcano is watched by a webcam, but I find it odd that there is no date, time, etc. shown anywhere in the footage. For instance, the Great Pyramid in Egypt has a 24-hour webcam going, but you can always see the date and time while viewing the footage.


Drop shadow: If this is the same bar shaped object that was sighted in Kentucky and New York, and it's caught at just the right angle of it's spin, I could see the space between the two bright tubes appearing to be a shadow. Perhaps? Just a thought ….

If this crystalline object happens to be real and if it's going into a volcano as the video shows, can it also go into the core of the earth as well?

I have a clear view of the volcano from my apartment in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Two nights ago, we had a small earthquake. The volcano is becoming active once again . . . I have seen large plumes at various times.

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