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Laredo UFO, authentic video, but is it ours?

This video, taken with an infrared camera, is almost certainly authentic. However, it could as easily be a classified aircraft as a UFO from another world. Its flight characteristics, however, suggest that it is not an aerodynamic object but is staying aloft by some other means.

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If you saw an authentic looking UFO gliding behind neighbouring houses, would you not attempt to follow it with the camera?

Agreed, and that's just one thing that makes me a little bit skeptical of this video. The main problem I see is that the later, zoomed in analyses of the object show it taking a completely different path behind the house than the original shot, and goes behind the roof in what is clearly a composited view. The way it disappears behind the roof in those later views is completely fake. The odd thing is, though, that the original footage looks completely real! Like is this a test to see just how undiscerning UFO investigators can be?

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