Out There

Kentucky amateur astronomer takes excellent UFO photo.

This is obviously a genuine story. There is no question of hoax here. As to what the object the astronomer photographed could be, that is an entirely different question. He offers the comment that it must be of earthly origin, but there is actually no way to determine its origin, let alone what it is. A genuine unknown. The claims that this was a child's toy balloon are absurd. For more information, listen to Dreamland 11/2/12, as Linda Moulton Howe interviews BOTH the astronomer and the professional helicopter pilot who observed the object in different places on different days.

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Interesting coincidence: I saw this fellow (or his doppelganger) walking out of our local Wal-Mart a couple of days ago. (I live about 120 miles west of Pikeville).

Excellent! They can throw all kinds of stuff at this guy, but none of it will stick. He is most assuredly bright, well-informed, and knows what he is talking about. The photos are astounding and also very strange. The object, to me, resembles a double-terminated crystal, and it appears to refract light into rainbows as well, just as a crystal would do.

Not your 'typical' UFO...

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