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Kansas City UFO flap draws investigative attention.

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Lee's Summit and Kansas City, Missouri not so far away from Joplin, Missouri. Was there surveillance going on at this time knowing that a disaster was about to take place in Joplin? I have so many questions here being from St. Louis, Missouri and having family close to the area hit. My heart is telling me that somehow this human disaster was known by whomever was in those UFO's. YET, they were not able to do anything about it. WHY? I feel humanity at least in America responds with empathy and sympathy to those suffering the most.....Sorry for this reaction, it is just that I am overwhelmed with the extent of so much sorrow put on so many people.

This may not bring much comfort, but knowing that things may occur does not mean that they can, or should, be stopped or changed. Our reality works in such strange ways, and every thing affects everything on some level. The cosmic web does vibrate.

It IS sad, but as humans we must hold out hope that there is some higher purpose in this for all of us, and not pin our hopes on assistance from outside the scope of our own reality. It must be on our shoulders to bear the burden and rise above the misery and empower ourselves through love, compassion and sheer fortitude.

Here is an odd thought: What if these UFOs contain beings who want to learn to be human? What if we are here to teach them?

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