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Jerusalem UFO probably a hoax.

Sadly, it appears that the Jerusalem UFO that caused so much exciitement is just another hoax. Why do they bother?

Story Source:

I felt it was a hoax from the moment I saw them. No surprise from me.

So... the teacher changed the story. I don't see how this proves or disproves the the footage. There are lots of ways to bunk up a story. I do remember this one, in fact, as it first went public, and that the narration which came with the particular video suggested that the reason the light zipped up into the sky was that it was being fired upon, from near the dome. There is a groundfire type of flash which accompanies its ascension, in fact. I'm not convinced one way or the other, myself.

Totally believed they were real until a few weeks ago.
Way too much fake stuff out there. Very disappointed.

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