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That Jerusalem UFO: ANOTHER strong video.

There was such a concerted effort to debunk the video that appeared over the Dome of the Rock that your Out There editor began to think that it was real. Understand, that doesn't mean I think it's an alien spacecraft. What I mean is that I think it's a genuine unknown object. Video graded B.

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Do you think the charge it releases, the light, could be related to the seeming propulsion jump it does, clearly violating the laws of physics as we know them? Like "priming" its engine? Great video.

Because the source of the flash is clearly outside the UFO, it rather looks to me as if the UFO took off BECAUSE of said flash of light — in other words, it was chased away (which begs the question: by whom?!). In fact, it took off in the exact same manner as the one recently filmed in Devon, UK by the man taking a walk with his dog. That UFO clearly didn't need a flash of light to prime it. Same thing with the one filmed in Bulgaria (subscriber video section). Speaking of the one filmed in Devon: to me the best proof of the authenticity of that video document is the behavior of the dog, who waits until after the UFO has departed to come out of hiding and rush back to its owner's side. Very telling, IMO.

Unfortunately, following that logic, we would have to assume that the exhaust cones that the space shuttle's main engines produce are generated by something other than the space shuttle itself. http://tinyurl.com/45c4487. They are, after all, clearly outside the shuttle.
External energy effects are not an uncommon feature of UFO sightings, and it's reasonable to assume that the effect is produced by the object's propulsion system, whatever that may be. EM effects generated by such a propulsion system could easily light up the air, provided the effect isn't an outright low-level plasma flash of some sort, also a commonly reported effect surrounding some UFOs.

There is a new event video. This one is shocking.
Its the first video on my site http://www.realufonews.com
They are here......

I think this video is amazing! Ive never seen one so clearly & quickly zoom away.

Apparently the Jerusalem UFO is a hoax:
video 1 and 2 hoax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-27bJdrhhAI
video 4 hoax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKR1OIQFsFg

basicly there is edited sound, false wiggle, mirrored videoedge. In hindsight You could find it odd that 4 good videos suddenly appear, normally it is the 1 blurry spot video that rule in this field.

What a DAMN shame!

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