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The International Space Station and a UFO captured on video at the ECETI Ranch.

The ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington has been a hotbed of UFO sightings for years. Locals have tried hard to shut it down, but it's still going strong.

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I have been to the Trout Lake, WA ranch and this video does not even begin to portray the fantastic things going on there. These objects communicate with those watching by responding to thoughts! I saw three silver and blue orbs come out of Mt Adams (a volcano) and when the group around me greeted them... they "turned on" that is, they became much, much brighter and moved in formation. On one occasion, I light (ship?) appeared overhead and everyone yelled "Hello" and the thing instantly grew to about five times its original size. There are hours and hours of films and videos, thousands of stills and people still think it's all a hoax. If you get the chance, go to the ECETI ranch in Trout Lake... it will blow you away! Incidentally, Mt Adams is just SSE of Mt Rainier and is where Kenneth Arnold first saw the skipping saucer-like objects in 1948. Check out eceti (dot) org.

I'm sure people see a lot of UFO's at the ECETI ranch (wouldn't mind going there myself if possible). But are people stuck there? I would hike up the mountain the next day for sure.

To true Frek. Alot of the lights that have been recorded flying over and 'powering up' look like ordinary satellites or iridium flares.


The lights seen on the mountain are much more mysterious since alot of them appear in areas not serviced by roads; and attempts to duplicate the lights by people going to the location where the lights were observed failed to reproduce the effects seen.

My only question why after all these years has anyone not hiked up and camped at a site with a good view near the base or even on the mountain itself to get a closer look for few days with the hopes of observing stuff; but then again the phenomena could be elusive.

In any case, I would love to check the ESETI ranch out if I could one day; anyone serious about finding the truth needs to take a pilgrimage such as this.

To Frek and Xevious,
Believe me these things are NOT satellites or iridium flares.
As far as hiking up on the mountain, the whole area is posted and trespassers are arrested. The ESETI ranch has been there for years and many attempts to climb Mt Adams were tried until everything was put out of bounds. They have had visitors from NASA, FBI, MUFON, Army, Air Force, etc. etc. and nothing is ever reported by the media. This is no hoax or joke. Something is going on there and can be witnessed by anyone. Linda Moulton Howe was there and could not explain the things she saw.
Try telling her that what she saw were flares!

@EDinWAState - Who exactly has put the Mt. Adams area out of bounds? Also, before it was out of bounds, was there anybody that went into that area to film/photograph and if so, are there any results that can be seen?

'The western side of Mount Adams is in the Mount Adams Wilderness within the "Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The east side is part of the Yakama Nation. The wilderness
is open to hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing and equestrian sports. A Volcano Pass from the United States Forest Service (USFS) is required for activities above a certain altitude. Some areas of the Yakama Nation are open for recreation, while other areas are open only to members of the tribe.
The Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge lies at the base of Mount Adams. The refuge covers 6,500 acres (26 km2) and contains conifer forests, grasslands, and shallow wetlands. Protected wildlife includes deer, elk, beaver, coyote, otter, small rodents, bald eagle, greater sandhill crane, and the Oregon spotted frog."

"I have been to the Trout Lake, WA ranch and this video does not even begin to portray the fantastic things going on there." was posted above. by EDinWAState

Fantastic! But why can't I see a real convincing knock your socks off video somewhere? I've looked at a few on their web site, and I'm not an ET skeptic. But sorry, I just don't see anything terribly sensational in any of them. If ET's are trying to communicate in this way up there at ECETI, they're doing a pretty lame job of it from the Vids I have seen.

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