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Interesting video from Sweden

This skywatcher has taped UFOs in his area before, but never one quite like this. It's an interesting image. Note the reaction of the dogs.

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At last! An excellent video without a bizarre musical sound track, and also without the ubiquitous profanity that streams from so many of these UFO vids!

I give it 5 stars! :-)

Seriously, quite intriguing...

Hmm, yes, intriguing indeed. One can't help but wonder if there are indeed jelly-fish like creatures that inhabit the atmosphere and are quite capable of radiating light, transforming their form or shape-shifting, able to move freely at high speed and descend to the ground to initiate conscious interaction with we 'little ones' below. Go to the depths of the Earth's oceans and you can easily find beings perfectly capable of performing most of those attributes. Fascinating.

If you subscribe to the notion that our evolution is headed towards our becoming beings of light, it becomes even more interesting. I have been aware for many years of clear, blue skies filled with balls of light zipping around ( I see 'em!).

Some, and certainly not all, UFOs do appear to be living entities. If so, then maybe these entities are totally aware of what is going on down on the ground and putting on the occasional show for those lucky enough to have their video cameras going.

The speed and transformation on this is stunning

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