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Interesting infrared video from Australia

Infrared video readily records birds, insects and even the smallest meteors. However, this video shows objects at altitude moving in a very steady formation. We have been unable to find any species of high-flying bird that might fly like this, and these object do not have the footprint of planes, which generally offer a much brighter return. Still, it's impossible to be certain that they are not something conventional. The smaller objects flashing past are probably meteors or birds, but the higher formation remains an unknown.

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Hmm, I don't know Southern Constellations but it seems the camera was on a mount (tripod??). Possibly a time-lapse for what purpose?

I totally agree, as the formation never wavered, and as it got lower in the horizon the dimmer they got. At 2:27 I'm pretty sure I saw plane go by and it went by very fast, planes just don't go that fast. This to me proves it was time lapsed.

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