Out There

Interesting Google Street View. Could be a UFO.

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I've actually seen 'UFOs' myself in several different locations around the world beginning in the late 50s/early 60s until recently, so I do believe that they exist. The problem is, because of the 'advanced' Photoshop and other technology, it's gotten to the point where even if it LOOKS real, what we might actually see in the sky is just as likely to be black-ops military or a hologram as a real Extraterrestrial UFO. How does one truly tell the difference?

Well, the object in the first image within the report, does look vaguely saucer shaped...but if you then look at the bottom of the report (or take a look at the google street view yourself, move up the road to the right and look further over to the left again), you will see the same object...which now looks much more like a jet.

My guess...it's a jet.

If it were hovering over the same spot in several frames, that would be interesting...but it's not...yeah I know, UFOs can rip it...but...I don't think this is one.

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