Out There

An important new video. One of the best in recent years.

This is a remarkable video. One of our photo analysts has looked at it and confirms that it is almost certainly authentic, not a CGI or other effect. Midway into the video something appears below the orb that seems to be a humanoid figure. However, the resolution is too low for us to be absolutely certain what it is. We are in contact with the videographer and hope to study this further. This is a probable unknown. On the other hand, another Unknowncountry reader sent us this video of a quadcopter "UFO" saying that the colored lights are a 'dead giveaway.' There is no way to tell whether or not the original video is a quadcopter, not given the resolution available.

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The most likely way to fake this would be a radio controlled drone with a color changing LED light attached. Because what bothers me about the footage is that the way the light changes is very similar to the color changing LED I have at home, and radio control drones are easy to come by these days. Not saying that it is fake but I am beginning to suspect that sadly it probably is.

Well, shut my mouth and call me corn pone...

Interesting...There is also a disc shaped light that appears briefly and slightly above and to the right of the orb. Also, I am going to have to think about those color changes. The colors are higher frequency and 'morse code' came into my head while watching. So, where is this, and what are those two small lights on the what appear to be the horizon? What time was this footage shot? Lots of questions, but compelling to watch...

Great point Alasdair.
Has a RC drone with LED lights been ruled out?
And if so how?
I initially was very taken with this footage and am still intrigued with it,
however, we should proceed with caution as it could indeed be a RC drone (unless someone can demonstrate why this is not the case) and it is also very convenient that all the action, caught apparently accidentally on a static security camera, happens right in the center of the frame.
It's interesting how the Quad-copter has LED's that change colour and also shines a green light underneath it as it flies and hovers.
The 'Orb' video has changing colour lights and also has a green light that sines onto the area's below it as it hovers
Further investigation definitely required.

As an observation, if you pause the video at the time of 6:40 then pause/stop quickly and repeatedly until the beam departs, the figures in the beam of light become more clear. The figures also distort quickly so it took multiple times to see the potential multiple figures which are focused on something. If this is not real, it is a very good piece of work. I hope the videographer completes a frame by frame evaluation on the zoom aspect. Hopefully the analysis will capture the figures that I think might be present in the footage. Very thought provoking whether this is authentic.

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