Out There

If Paranormal Activity had never been made, this would be more believable. Still...

If the grays ever do show up, it will be from some completely improbable direction. Could this be real? We cannot tell, frankly. Best guess: somebody wants to make the next Paranormal Activity, this time starring the Grays. But in view of the fact that this is all so very weird, maybe the improbable is the probable...

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This doesn't look authentic. Aside from the swear words, why couldn't they keep the camera still for just a minute. We see the inside of a kitchen most of the time, and even that is not clear.
I've seen a video similar to this one. They are easy to fake, especially when the camera doesn't focus properly.

...and how many of us would have kept the door open, if we knew something like that was out there?!

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