Out There

Huge object videotaped over Missouri

The last few seconds of this video finally offer a good view of the object the witnesses are following, which proves to be an unusual group of lights reminiscent of some of the object described during the Hudson Valley UFO sightings of the early 1980s.

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when she was inside the car they sure looked like window reflections to me. She later went outside though.

Fascinating how these things have flashing lights in some cases. I have to wonder if this is not another new platform the military is testing. Why they would do it over a city puzzles me, unless part of the experiment is to see the reaction of or lack of reaction of the general public. From experience myself, most folks will not believe when they hear an account of such a sighting, or they dismiss it altogether as not understandable, therefore, it is not real in their minds. At least with all the new smart phones and mini-video cameras available now, people are starting to capture images of these events more often.

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