Out There

How could anything in the Weekly World News be true. And yet, it's eerie.

Why would the British Ministry of Defense choose to hide this document in their secret UFO files if there wasn't something in it? Was this a message from a dying world 80,000 years ago, or from earth in 2012, sending a warning back to 1998. Probably, it's pure fiction, but within a very few years, we could be sending such a message ourselves.

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We've seen both sides of this coin: The best lies hold at least some modicum of truth, and the best truths can be discredited if they contain a hint of a lie.
The only Google searches that come up with a Dr Victor (or "Viktor", for that matter) Kulakov only bring up references to the Weekly World News article. The article itself doesn't stay consistent, giving two travel times for the signal (25,000 years and 80,000 years), and alternating the origin of the signal, including the edge of the Milky Way and a point beyond the Andromeda galaxy (a little further than 80,000ly away, if I remember correctly).
Weekly World News also seems to have recycled the story at least once, appearing in both their 10 Sept 1985 and 16 Oct 1990 issues. My guess is that someone with access to the MoD files slipped this in as a red herring to detract from the other, more credible cases.
10 Sept 1985 article:
16 Oct 1990 article:

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