Out There

High strangeness over Mexico City--photographed with state-of-the-art equipment.

An OpenMinds TV crew photographs an unusual object over Mexico City. The photographs were taken with professional equipment and at a professional level of skill. They depict something that is defintley unusual, and that eventually disappears in a way that no normal object could. This is an outstanding UFO video. Graded A.

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cool pics, hard to deny this one by experts,can nnot wait for more by them of different sightings.
this reminded me of a movie back in the mid 60s, sifi of course! i believe it was call the things? it was same type of thing. it crawled on the ground and jump up to strangle people around the neck. it wa a brain wiht a tail ( similar to the pics...weird it would be similar) it was invisible till radio frequency was stumbled upon, made them visible. then you watch them come get ya... but now you could see them and of couse they died by human hands and the frequency killed them too.
talk about foresight, scary.

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