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Good video of triangle UFO over Melbourne

This witness has a good camera setup and gets a lot of footage of unknowns as a result. While there is more activity is some places than in others, setting up an automatic sky recording system will result in at least an occasional unknown being captured on video. In places where there is lots of visible sky and not a lot of ambient light, more will be observed. Using infra-red cameras will bring even more. Fifty years ago, a UFO was a startling and rare sight. This is no longer true. They are relatively common all over the world. This is a particularly good 'catch,' though.

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Comments have been disabled on the youtube page. Maybe the person who did the upload did that. One theory that came up was the Chinese launch that had happened near that time, that it was the part that descended to earth.

The poster(Lou) is taking a brake thats why comments are disabled.

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