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Good UFO video from Arizona

This UFO video from Arizona appears to be a triangle UFO, with which Out There readers are very familiar. Of course, it could be a delta winged aircraft of some sort. It's hard to see until the third version of the clip, running at 0.65 of normal speed. Probable unknown.

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So hard to see. The drops of water are very distracting. Maybe it's a bug.

I would say insect or some sort of interference with the video.

I'm thinking insect. Good example how the 2D of the camera can make us think objects are much further away, just because they look like they're in the distant sky.

My question is, how do people spot this kind of thing in videos? I am not speaking of a obvious bright lights or movement in the sky, but objects that aren't even obvious when the video is slowed down considerably.
Some people have an awful lot of free time on their hands...

I think it's water from the dog, look at :44 it starts there, 2 at top of screen.

I think it's water from the dog, look at :44 it starts there, 2 at top of screen.

Or, I may be wrong, I'm not sure. Cute dog though.

What exactly in this video indicates that this could not be a bug of some kind? I've seen bugs fly at incredible speed and in trajectories similar to what we're seeing.

What it cannot be however is a regular delta shaped aircraft. That's because if you look at it's path it starts off going towards the right 1:34 (from behind the boulder) before turning left abruptly 1:39 - much more than a known aircraft can handle.

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